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Eurasian Art Union 

Eurasian Art Union

Community initiative

The Eurasian Art Union is a non-profit, non-governmental public organization created to pool ideas and resources to support and promote its members.

Eurasian Art Union

Our mission

Be useful to creative people who create artistic content, to become an indispensable assistant and a modern tool for the rapid movementof authors to success! We are assistants and advisers in the implementation of the most incredible plans and projects.

Eurasian Art Union

Strategic communication

We strive to be at the forefront of the latest technologies, innovations and know-how in the field of world art. Our strategy is constant monitoring of new products and their adaptation to the needs of the members of the Union. We are at the forefront because we are open to information and ideas from a huge number of authors, businesses, government agencies and the media.

Eurasian Art Union

Utility & Quality

Every day and every minute we strive to bring all sorts of usefulness to the members of the union, and the feedback and an extensive network of representatives and ambassadors allow us to quickly respond to the change in satisfaction from the opportunities provided by the union and the fullness of their implementation.

The opinion of the master

I am pleased that Russian art lives in the hearts of millions of Europeans

Schedule of the Eurasian Art Union for 2019

Евразийский Художественный Союз Eurasian Art Union

Основная информация и реквизиты

 РОО ТС "Евразийский Художественный Союз"

Полное наименование на русском языке: 
Региональная общественная организация «Творческое содружество «Евразийский художественный союз»
Сокращенное наименование:
РОО ТО «Евразийский художественный союз»
Наименование на английском языке:
Eurasian Art Union

ОГРН 1167700064070
ИНН 7723471572 , КПП 772301001.

Адрес: 119049, Москва, ул.Крымский Вал, д.8/2

Банковские реквизиты:
р/сч 40703810409000001043
к/сч 30101810945250000297, 
Банк Филиал Центральный ПАО Банка «ФК Открытие», г.Москва, БИК 044525297
Код ОКВЭД 94.99, 90.03, 90.01, 90.02, 90.04, 91.02, 91.03, Код ОКПО 04416660

Телефон мобильный: +7-985-4811118
Телефон / факс: 8 (495) 6407722, 8 (495) 6407733
Скайп: Eurasian Art Union 
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Евразийский Художественный Союз открыт для широкой аудитории творческих людей, стремящихся реализовать собственные проекты и стратегии  ... Читать больше

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Телефон: +7 985 4811118


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