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Mission of the Eurasian Art Union

The Eurasian Art Union (Eurasian Art Union) is a non-profit public organization that brings together individuals — artists, art historians, craftsmen, artists, and people who contribute to the arts — as well as legal entities — organizations working in the field of Art World in Europe and Asia, as well as other regions.

The Eurasian Art Union supports international cooperation and art exchanges, is free from political or other prejudices and aims to improve the economic and social position of artists and craftsmen at the national and international level.

The Commonwealth was created with the aim of accumulating modern technologies in presenting, promoting and supporting creativity, career and commercial realization of a wide audience of creators, promoting the preservation of objects and places of cultural heritage, supporting talented people – their members, protection of their copyright, creative interaction with foreign and international associations and other diverse activities in the field of contemporary art.

Union activity is based on three principles.:

• modernity and technological effectiveness;
• activity and intense communication;
• professionalism and support.

The Eurasian Art Union serves the ideas of not only national art, but also international integration, therefore its members can and are like national public and non-profit organizations and individuals - persons representing national interests in their countries, and international communities whose interests extend beyond the borders of one country or nation.

Practical activities of the Eurasian Art Union include:

Union members support

Comprehensive consulting and organizational line on creative and commercial promotion, pricing, a wide range of participation in exhibition and fair programs.

Participation in government programs, grants and promotions

The Eurasian Art Union actively participates in government programs, grants and promotions, conducts explanatory work in order to maintain and protect the rights of our members.

Publications, catalogs

The Eurasian Art Union publishes a number of academic collections and catalogs dedicated to specific exhibitions that contribute to the commercialization of the members of the union, several quarterly online journals, which contain articles and author articles on current practices, a forum for discussion and research in partnership with a number of leading universities.

Exhibition and Fair Activity

The Commonwealth provides an opportunity to participate in large-scale exhibition and fair programs both at the national level and with international participation. A lot of work is also being done on the organization of solo exhibitions and special events promoting creative and commercial promotion of the union members.

Master classes, lectures and promotions

The Eurasian Art Union conducts special programs of master classes, lecture halls, special advertising and promotion actions. Among them - Art-Ring, Art-Lecturer. 

Academic Exhibitions

The Eurasian Art Union has established a number of international academic projects designed to systematically scientifically develop successful technologies and know-how that help identify talented authors and provide an academic platform for creative initiatives. Among such projects: "World Art Awards. Russia", "Eurasian Art Awards", European Art Awards", "Art Week", "Eurasian Illustration Awards", "World Communication Arts Awards".

Scientific symposiums and conferences

The Eurasian Art Union participates in an international symposium: "The State of Fine Art – New Perspectives on Artistic Copyright", as well as in a number of other scientific-practical and academic conferences and symposiums.

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