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Organization structure

Structure of the Eurasian Art Union

General Structure of Eurasian Art Union

General Assembly (held once a year)
Board of Union:
General Assembly
Executive committee
General Director and Secretariat
International Advisors
National Committee:
National Board
Board of trustees
Presidetn and Vice-President
Executive Director and Secretariat
The heads of the guilds
Section Heads
Regional Committee:
Chairman of the regional office
Regional Secretariat
Section Heads

Membership levels in the Eurasian Art Union

а) Personal membership:
Permanent membership
Candidate Member
Student Membership
Agency membership
Partner Membership
b) Collective membership - educational organizations:
Permanent membership
Candidate Member
c) Collective Membership - Non-Profit Organizations:
Permanent membership
Candidate Member
d) Collective Membership - Commercial Organizations:
e) Information membership:
Information Patner

General Assembly of Eurasian Art Union

General Assembly
The General Assembly (GA) is the highest authority in the Eurasian Art Union. The GA consists of representatives of member institutions. It gathers once a year, usually during a Eurasian conference organized in the first part of the year. The General Assembly allows members to to share knowledge and opinions of issues brought to the agenda of the meetings.
Executive Board
The Union Executive Board (UEB) comprises of the President and 8-10 members chosen in the election. Two of the members are appointed to Vice-Presidents. The UEB meets at least three times per year. It is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the GA and of the policy of the association, for the planning of its activities, and for the management of its affairs.
The tasks of the President are to lead and represent the Association, to convene meetings of the UEB and the General Assembly (GA) and to chair the meetings of these bodies. The president is elected in the election. The presidency lasts three years and can be prolonged with re-election for another 4 years/
Secretary General and Secretariat
The Secretary General acts as a managing director for Eurasian Art Union and is assisted by the Eurasian Art Union Coordinator and other staff of the Secretariat responsible for everyday running of the Association. The Secretariat deals with internal and external communications and visibility of Eurasian Art Union, project work under the umbrella of Eurasian Art Union with member institutions, industry and 3rd sector, Eurasian conferences and other events, membership issues, financial issues of the association, publications, organization and management of UEB, GA and working groups meetings, planning and management of Eurasian Art Union awards and competitions, etc.Eurasian Art Union.
International advisors
The Eurasian Art Union Executive Board has the right to appoint retired UEB members to a position of an international advisor. They are chosen to represent Eurasian Art Union in target areas of its interest.
Working groups
Eurasian Art Union working groups are constituted by members around specific topics. Their activity depends on the contribution from members. Meetings offer a forum for debate and exchange of ideas and best practices in different areas of interest. Working groups meet primarily during the Eurasian Art Union conferences, once or twice a year. The nature of the group can be permanent or occasional.
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