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Partnership programs and personal bonuses

If you own a public in social network or promoted web site, you get a lot of visitors everyday and you make daily interesting and good content in this case Eurasian Art Union would be glad to offer you a partnership program.

The partner site with which you have an agreement, gives you the right to position your product links on the wall of your community. The person who has seen the advertisement of the product will be interested and follow the link. In this case, you get the money, plus if he buys something, then you get a percentage of sales.

A little bit of theory: the Director of the Institute for Cultural Policy, M. Gnedovsky, believes that art and business are “married” according to three case scenarios. There are patriarchal marriages that are arranged by parents: the authorities - especially in the regions - make it clear to business who to support when and how. There are love marriages: patrons simply give money for what they like. And there is a marriage of convenience - when both parties understand why they need this union and what it gives them. Love comes and goes, coercion is ineffective - it is impossible to build strategies on this basis. Only a clear concept of sponsorship, on the one hand, and quality fundraising, on the other, provide the conditions for long-term development of relations. Of course, fundraising has not been mastered in our country as widely as in America. But what is the point for us to copy their expirience? They do not have the Ministry of Culture and state funding - culture is supported by business, and this is considered an honorable and profitable business. We are closer to the experience of England, where 15 years ago culture was state-owned. Now in England a 10–20% culture is financed by private business — we should also strive for this indicator. The current reforms are pushing Russian cultural organizations away from the state. It gives the culture more independence. But here it is important to stimulate cooperation between business and culture. It’s not about the benefits for philanthropists as it is about public opinion, because the main motive for investing in culture is the indirect benefits: image effect and creative impulse.




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