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Dear friends!

If you are energetic, easily get along with people, love to participate in bright events and benefit - join the team of volunteers of the Eurasian Art Union!
It will be interesting!

The Eurasian Art Union is a public organization that unites creative and professional people who are sincerely devoted to art.
Our goal is to promote the success of the best Russian authors and promoting them to the world art scene of Europe, Asia and other continents.

Under the auspices and with the participation of the Union, many interesting and large-scale events are held in Russia and abroad — collective and solo exhibitions, art fairs and presentations, opening days and competitions, conferences and festivals.

To become a volunteer means to be in the epicenter of key events in the world of Art, to receive a lot of new impressions and interesting acquaintances.

We are interested in volunteers and are ready to offer everyone a format of cooperation that suits their individual interests, temperament, skills and the availability of free time for everyone.

Apply for inclusion in the volunteer group

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You can become:

• Administrator at the reception (meeting visitors)
• Exhibition Administrator (work in the exhibition hall)
• Jury Administrator
• Master Administrator
• Administrator in the open air
• Stand administrator
• Press Center Administrator
• The administrator of the organization of photo and video reports

A complete list of features and calendar events of the Eurasian Art Union is presented on our website. You can apply through the electronic form "Request to the service of volunteers". You can register for several events and offer assistance in various qualities. The sooner you sign up, the wider choice will be provided to you!

Tips for beginners from experienced volunteers:

Knowledge is power! Before the event, try to collect and assimilate as much information as possible about it, its organizers, participants and guests. Becoming a volunteer, you become one of the owners of the exhibition area. Awareness will help you to navigate freely in what is happening and to help guests with high quality. You will be contacted with various, sometimes unexpected, questions - please be sure to get answers in advance!

If it is convenient to you - it is comfortable for guests! Take care that your clothes and shoes are comfortable. You have to spend a lot of time on your feet, move a lot, communicate a lot, and respond quickly to various situations. Comfortable clothes and shoes will save your strength. Let nothing distract you from an exciting volunteer mission!

Calm down! Only calm!

Each art event is an enchanting kaleidoscope, pictures that can develop quite unexpectedly and change very rapidly. Вам предстоит общаться с множеством людей, встречаться с VIP-персонами и знаменитостями, а значит потребуется гибкость, дипломатичность и быстрая реакция. You have to communicate with a lot of people, meet with VIPs and celebrities, which means you need flexibility, diplomacy and quick response. So you can easily, quickly and - very importantly, on your own! - find a solution to any problem. Keep calm and positive attitude!


We will be glad to take you into the ranks of volunteers of the Eurasian Art Union!

Apply for inclusion in the volunteer groupFill out a volunteer questionnaire

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