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Information support and PR

Partnership of art and business. Art marketing and PR in world of art. Information support and PR for artists and galleries. Creation and implementation of special projects.


One of the sections of Eurasian Art Union is Agency – NextArt Communications, which provide services in the field of information support and PR of personal and collective exhibitions and art projects.

Communications Agency NextArt Communications

Partnership of art and business.
Art marketing and PR in the field of art


PR & artist

PR & art galleries

PR & business

Why artist need PR?

  • To tell more people about his work
  • To sell his work and to receive new orders without the help of art dealers
  • To increase the cost (thanks to references in the media)
  • To attract visitors to the personal exhibitions
  • To attract the attention of art managers and directors of galleries
  • Get access to new audience through collaborations and integration into events

Why do galleries need PR?

  • To popularize gallery and artists-residents
  • To increase the presence of the gallery and artists in the information field
  • To attract visitors to the exhibition
  • To attract sponsors and work with them
  • To increase the cost of artist’s artworks (thanks to references in the media)
  • To popularize art and develop of the art-market

Why should business cooperate with art?

  • To create added value for stakeholders
  • New creative solutions and information reasons
  • To position of brand
  • To maintain image and reputation
  • To strengthening loyalty and increase customer engagement
  • Corporate social responsibility

Services for artists


Services for art galleries


Services for business


• Development and implementation of the strategy for promoting the artist’s personal brand
• Design of the artist’s portfolio and artist statement
• Creation and support of the artist’s website, promotion of artist’s pages in social networks
• Creation the artist’s presentation for galleries and art managers; assistance in processing application for grants and participation in art residence program (including international)
• PR support of artist’s personal exhibitions and art projects
• Initiation of information events, selection of projects and partners for cooperation
• Presentation of artist’s works on the various events and organization of pop-up exhibitions in public spaces
• Organization of artist’s master-classes, artist talk and visits to the artist’s studio
• Artist’s integration into the projects of the Eurasian Art Union



  1. The complex of communication’s support of galleries, art institutions, exhibition, educational and industry events of the art market
  2. Press office/ information support of gallery, exhibition, art project or other industry event in world of art (cooperation with media etc.)
  3. Promotion of the gallery and art projects in social networks
  4. Collaboration with partners, integration of gallery to the events, organization of promotional events in the gallery and on other sites
  5. Promotion of the personal brand of the gallery owner and of art manager (participation in the Expert Council of events, interviews, articles and comment in the media)
  6. Promotion of artists-residents of the gallery (coverage of artist’s projects in the media and social networks, organization and conducting artist talks, partnerships projects an collaboration of artists with brands
  7. Preparation of presentation and sponsorship proposals, attraction of sponsors; fundraising for projects and events
  8. Organization and holding of presentations, round tables, seminars, and other professional events in the world of art


  1. Development of creative concepts, organization and implementation of PR campaigns of brands in cooperation with artists and art institutions
  2. Selection of art projects for sponsorship, development of opportunities for integration of brand in art projects
  3. Integration of art into brand’s events (from the design of the space to the development of art event’s program)
  4. Organization and holding of lectures, master classes, public discussions, art auctions and exhibitions in public spaces
  5. Organization and holding of corporate art parties, plein airs, excursions and art tours
  6. Selection of the artist to create paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, art installations, av installations under the objectives of the brand
  7. Involvement of experts in the design of offices, business centers and public spaces of art
    Involvement of experts to advise on investment in art and the formation of corporate collections.


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