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Mikhailovskiy Evgeniy Mikhailovich (Evgeniy Netra)

Friday, 05 July 2019 09:08

Mikhailovskiy Evgeniy Mikhailovich (Evgeniy Netra)

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Chairman of "Photo-Art and Multimedia" section of the Eurasian Art Union.
Artist, designer, photographer, member of TSHR, member of the Union of Designers, member of the Union of Abstractionists of Russia, Vice President of the Creative Union TETRA-ART.

Takes part in exhibitions in Moscow and abroad since 1986. The creator of the gallery "M-ART" with "SOYUZFILMOFOND" in Khokhlovsky Lane (1991-1994). Founder, art director of the gallery "BASILIKA" in Serebryanichesky lane (2010-2013). Author, curator of many art projects at various sites in Moscow (2007-2018). Curator, participant of art projects of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Darwin Museum, 2010; MosHaos 2014). Participant, curator of the projects Tetra-ART and TSHR: "Identification", "Innomeria", "Insight", "ArtIdeya-ArchiIdeya ..", "All World is a Theater ..." (2012 to 2018).  Author and curator of the international exhibition project "Spring Alternative" (Female image in contemporary art) at various venues in Moscow (2011-2018), multi-media art project "Silhouettes of Time ..." (2017-2018) and others. Member of the Expert Council, organizer of cultural programs and performances at the Russian Art Week (2011-2018). Since 2007, he has been actively engaged in: photo art, digital graphics, creation of experimental sculpture, installations, performances.

He was awarded diplomas, medals of the International Academy of Culture and Art, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the International Association "Art of the Peoples of the World". He was awarded the title of Honored Artist of MA "Art of the Peoples of the World".   

Personal exhibition "Silhouettes of time. Games in space Z" (photo art, sculpture) in the Garden Ring Museum (Mira Ave., May 2017); The international art project "Insight" in the gallery "On Kashirka" (January, 2017); Curator, participant of the international art project "Image in Time" (Female Image 2017) in the Chekhov Cultural Center on Passionate (March 2017); The international exhibition project "Insight" in the gallery "Vilnus" in Minsk (Belarus, August-September 2017);

Exhibition projects: "Russian Art Week", "Abstraction", "Avant-garde Today" in the HH at Kuznetsky Most, and in the Design Center "ART PLAY" (2017-2018); Participant, coordinator of the art project "ArtIdea, ArchiIdea, Arkhideya" in the gallery "Art-Dresden" (Bibirevo, January, 2018); Curator, participant, the international exhibition project "Emancipation" (Female image 2018) in the gallery "Art-Dresden" ( Bibirevo, March 2018); The exhibition project TSHR "ART TODAY" (Art Gallery "Tushino, May 2018); The exhibition project" The Whole World - Theater "in the Golitsyn estate museum in Kuzminki (May-June 2018); Personal exhibition" Abode, mountains, legends "(painting , sculpture) in the Cultural Aesthetic Center of Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Region (June 2018); Participation of the international exhibition "The Whole World - Theater" in the Museum of Modern Art in Rostov-on-Don (July 2018); Personal exhibition "Silhouettes of Time. In space Z "(photo art, graphics, sculpture) in the gallery" Lavrushinsky 15 "(TSHR) (September 2018); Curator, participant of the multimedia project" Silhouettes of Time / Crossing "in the framework of the Russian Art Week (Congress Hall" Danilovsky ", November 2018); Participation in the exhibition of modern sculpture "New Romanticism" in the Museum "House of A. Burganov" (Moscow, November-December-January 2018-2019); Participant of the project "Namaste" (Across India and the Himalayas) in the Kraft Gallery ( on Shabolovka, December 2018) and other projects.

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